Friday, August 23, 2013

Shakespearean Vocabulary 1 - Sonnets 1-5

an abundance – a lot, plenty, a bounty (food, money, time), veľa

to bear – to tolerate something difficult or painful, strpieť, znášať

to beguile – to trick someone, obalamutiť, oklamať

to bereave – to rob someone by force, to take something, zbaviť sa čoho, olúpiť

to be bereft – to be robbed, olúpený, emphasizing the feeling of sorrow, like after someone dies.

to besiege – literally, to surround a castle with an army, to beg like crazy for something, to bother someone with constant requests, obliehať, obťažovať

to bless – to give a short prayer in honour of a person, place, building, boat, etc. žehnať

a bud – a flower before it blooms, while it’s still green, púčik

to confound – to confuse and frustrate someone, zmiasť

to decease – to die, zomrieť

to deceive – to trick someone, obalamutiť, oklamať. Deceiving and beguiling are synonyms. The difference is that beguiling suggest longer planning, and a greater purpose. You might choose to deceive someone at the last second, over a little problem. Beguiling also suggests seduction, like a beguiling smile.

disdain – contempt, when something isn’t good enough, pohŕdanie

a foe – an enemy, nepriateľ

to gaze – to look at something, pozerať

a glutton – someone who loves food and eats too much, hladoš

gaudy – any clothing, jewellery, or decoration that’s too big, flashy, colorful, or ornate to be considered pretty, like a ring with a great big stone, or a big Louis-Vuitton handbag, nevkusný

hideous – horribly ugly, veľmy škaredý

to renew – to rest and regain your energy, to start again, obnoviť

tattered – old, worn clothing, torn and falling apart. Old sails, torn and beaten by the wind, otrhaný

tender – soft and delicate, used to describe tasty meat, and innocent youth, útly, nežný, mäkký, krehký

youth – the time in your life when you’re young, ending (in other people’s eyes) around thirty, ending (in your own eyes) when you realize you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be young. It happens. J

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