Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fifth Year Lesson Plan

The following lessons will be taught this year:

2. Common Writing Mistakes: be vs. have, confusing words (exercises to be given in class)

3. Common Writing Mistakes: articles (exercises to be given in class)

4. Common Writing Mistakes: word order (exercises to be given in class)

5. Formal & Informal Letters

6. Different Kinds of Essays

7. How to Choose a Thesis

8. Essay Structure

9. Methods of Argumentation

10. Tips on Style: Punctuation

11. Tips on Style: Shortening Wordy Sentences

12. Common Logical Fallacies

13. Debate Etiquette

14. How to do Research

15. When & How to Quote

16. Footnotes, Endnotes, & Bibliographies

17. Writing a News Article

18. Creative Writing: The basics

19. Creative Writing: How to proofread

20. Creative Writing: A writer's toolbox

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