Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four - Vocab

a telegram – a very short letter that you send very quickly, using a wire and Morse code.

impatiently – netrpezlivo

elementary – very easy, or simple

mud – blato, very wet dirt or ground

a housekeeper – a woman who looks after a rich person’s house, a maid

to waste – márniť

a captain – a leader of a group of soldiers

an advertisement – reklama, you pay to put this in a newspaper

to retire – isť na dôchodok, to stop working when you are old

a major – pronounced “mejdžor”, an officer in the army, a higher rank than a captain.

a governess – a woman who lives with and teaches children in their home.

to receive – dostať, to get something that somebody sends you.

a pearl – a small, round, expensive stone that is found in oysters (ustrice).

an envelope – a paper cover that you put a letter in.

a fingerprint – a mark that is made by the lines on the pad of your finger. Every print is unique.

to solve – riešiť, to find the answer to a mystery.

a cab – a taxi. In this story, they’re all pulled by horses.

a revolver – a handgun with a cylinder that revolves, or spins, so that you can shoot 5-6 times before reloading.

a passage – a hallway, the space between rooms in a house. Some are secret.

a cross – where two lines meet in the middle, like an 'x' or a 't'.

a sign – a mark that shows something important.

fog – (hmla) a low, thick cloud that is difficult to see through.

a lamp – something that gives light.

a gentleman – a man from a good family, usually rich and, most importantly, polite.

to whip – to hit with a whip (bič), or belt. There are many kinds of whips, most meant for animals, like horses.

a servant – sluha, a person who works for someone rich, usually in their house, cleaning and cooking.

curtains – záves, Long pieces of cloth that decorate windows. People close them at night for privacy.

to nod – kývnuť, to move your head up and down in agreement.

a bodyguard – osobný strážca, a man whose job is to protect someone.

to breathe – dýchať, to move air in and out of your body through your nose and mouth.

treasure – poklad, something expensive or precious, for example gold, silver, or diamonds.

to acquire – to get. You receive something when someone sends it straight to you. You can acquire something in many ways, for example by buying it, stealing it, or when a family member dies.

to divide – to give parts of something to two or more people.

a chest – truhla, a large, wooden box.

to bury – pochovať, to put a dead body under ground.

a footprint – stopa, a mark that your foot or shoe makes on the ground or floor.

to measure – merať, to find out how big, long, or heavy something is.

space – priestor, an empty area.

half a million – five hundred thousand (500,000).

to expect – očakávať, to think that something will happen.

enormous – very big.

twins – (dvojčatá) a pair of brothers or sisters who are born on the same day. Some, like Thaddeus and Bartholomew, are identical. Some aren't.

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